Frequently Asked Questions

LabEspy is a medical search engine that provides prices and discounts for several medical labs and kits from various medical providers online. This website is like the Kayak for medical products and is entirely free to use. LabEspy can be used by patients, doctors, organizations and other medical facilities to
  • Easily access prices and learn about cost-saving alternatives.
  • Save money by only getting the necessary tests that are relevant to a specific condition or aliment.
  • Better understand healthcare costs by being aware of the prices before getting the medical products or services.

Individuals who are uninsured, underinsured or have high deductible or short term health insurance plans or need frequent lab tests for an ongoing medical condition that are not covered by their insurance plan.

Companies with self-financed insurance plans that want to save money on the health benefits offered to their employees.

You can find the latest prices for your lab tests from the home page or using the search bar at the top of any page on LabEspy website. Start by entering the name of the lab test that you are interested, select your lab test from the type-ahead dropdown and then click the Search button. After searching LabEspy would display a list of providers and prices for the chosen lab test. You would then click the Buy button next to the provider that you would like to order from and proceed to the provider’s website to complete the order.
LabEspy allows you to search for relevant lab tests based on your condition, you could review the resulting test profiles on this website or for further details visit or best consult your health care provider.
No. Direct access testing allows greater participation in one's own healthcare by providing online access to the lab tests that are administered through the same CLIA-certified and regulated laboratories that your doctor would refer. So, if you know the name of the test you would like to get, you get the same results which can be shared with your doctor or healthcare provider if you choose.
The Medical Providers that we mine for prices and present on this website are contracted with CLIA certified and regulated national network of 4000+ laboratories for specimen collection and analysis. You can feel secure that they are the same laboratories used by health care providers and hospitals nationwide. And better yet the entire process is quick and discreet.
Due to state regulations direct access testing is not available in states like NJ, NY and RI. In addition to that, the Medical Providers at their sole discretion or depending on their contractual agreements with the laboratories, may not provide services in few additional states like MD, MA etc. Do confirm the availability of services on the provider website before placing your order.
Direct Access Testing is generally not reimbursable by private Health Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Some insurance plans have a wellness or prevention benefit that may reimburse the expenses incurred and the Medical Providers upon request may provide you with CPT codes if you would like to file for insurance reimbursement. In any case, LabEspy does not guarantee that you will be reimbursed for testing. You will have to contact your insurance provider for your benefits and reimbursement options and the medical provider offering the product for the necessary paperwork. Note: Self-ordered lab tests are valid HSA expenses.
Many lab tests actually cost less that the doctors co-pay, if you know your condition (like say Thyroid) and get tests on a regular basis for monitoring your levels, with direct access testing you can directly get the tests done without visiting your doctor. Again we don’t recommend getting tests done without doctor’s consultation but with your doctors consent can get them done at lower cost. And also some specialized lab tests and kits that can be ordered through LabEspy may not be covered under your insurance plan, or may be more expensive.
If you have a high deductible health plan and haven’t met your deductible (for 2016 the ranges are $1,300 - $6,550 for an individual and $2,600 - $13,100 for a family) you'll be paying out of pocket for most of your lab tests and medical services. If you're reasonably healthy, odds are high that you won't satisfy your deductible and receive coverage benefits in the course of a typical year.
At LabEspy we make every attempt to get accurate prices but sometimes we don't. We'd love to know what's wrong so we can fix it. Please use our Report Price Error page to let us know.
LabEspy is a medical search engine that can help you find and compare prices of medical products and services. We do not provide, own or control any of the products or services that you can access through this website. All lab tests, kits, custom panels, or packages are owned, controlled and made available by medical providers either directly or through direct lab agencies.
We do not provide diagnosis or medical advice. The contents of this website are for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or diagnostic test results.
LabEspy has no involvement in creating the medical product, defining the prices, and in providing the services that you buy. The website only acts as an interface, the actual purchase is made with the Medical Provider. You will have to contact the Medical Provider to address and resolve any issues or disputes around your purchase.
Yes. As long as the test is administered in any of the US states where direct access testing is available there should not be any problem.
Most, if not all Medical Providers require that you must be 18 or older. Some providers have provisions that offer direct access testing for minors but you will have to check the provider’s website for that.