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Understanding the importance of Renal Function panel for kidney health and balance of body


Kidneys play a major role in regulating the fluid balance by removing waste products and maintaining the levels of various substances in the body. It is beneficial for you to know about the renal function panel which consists of different laboratory tests used either as a screening tool to evaluate the functioning of kidney or to diagnose different diseases and monitor the kidney function of patients receiving treatment. This panel usually consists of nine different tests which may include tests for: glucose, albumin, phosphorus, calcium, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen and different electrolytes namely sodium, chloride and carbon dioxide.  

Are you having bone loss? How can bone resorption assessment play a role in diagnosis?

There is continuous re-absorption of your old bone and creation of new bone throughout your life time. Your bones stay strong as long as there is balance between bone formation and re-absorption. Bone loss occurs when there is more re-absorption of the old bone than the creation of new bone.  When this process of bone loss reaches a certain stage, it is called osteoporosis. There are several causes of osteoporosis which we will review here.

Does CA 125 give a conclusive diagnosis of Ovarian cancer?

CA 125 is widely used in cases of ovarian cancer and is highly beneficial in assessment of women with ovarian cancer. The name CA 125 has an interesting story behind it. It was developed when the investigators were searching for something on surfaces of ovarian cells which could trigger the recognition of tumor cells by immune cells in the body.  It was only on 125th attempt that antibody tested against the ovarian cancer cells was found and that surface signal on tumor cells came to be known as CA 125.

Having alcohol dependency: Is Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) test a reliable indicator?

If you are having dependency on alcohol characterized by intense craving for alcohol, suffer withdrawal symptoms on stopping drinking and feel that there is deterioration in your health, then you need medical help. Your doctor will order various blood tests including liver function tests which consist of tests for liver function testing your bilirubin, albumin, prothrombin time and those for liver damage for checking liver enzymes.

C-peptide -What does it tell about your Diabetes?

Let us see what is C-peptide? C-peptide or connecting peptide is also known as Proinsulin C-peptide. It consists of 31 amino acids and is the middle segment of proinsulin in between the two chains. When proinsulin undergoes cleavage, insulin and C-peptide are released. Since equal amounts of insulin and C-peptide are produced, C-peptide is used as a marker of endogenous insulin secretion and the condition of insulin producing pancreatic beta cells which regulate the blood sugar levels, hence playing a major role in Diabetes.