Alzheimer Disease

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Overview of Alzheimer Disease

It is a brain disease which is characterized by the memory loss. This disease develops progressively as the effected person losses his memory with passage of time. It is the more common cause of memory loss in the dementia patient. It is often associated with aging process as most of the Alzheimer patients are above 65 but there are also many cases are reported, in which patient age is under 65 and they are affected by Alzheimer disease. This disease change the patient social life so much that he/she forget many important people and life events. There is no cure for this disease but certain medication can improve the situation of the patient. As it is not curable so the patients need special care.

Causes and Risk Factors of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer is a brain disease which is caused by the death of the brain cells with the passage of time as it is a neurodegenerative disease. The actual cause which lead to the brain death is not known yet. It is rarely caused by the genetic changes and still the gene which results in Alzheimer is not known. It cannot be diagnosed by the examination of the brain of the living organism, but after the death of patients their autopsy show the formation of plaque and tangles. Plaques are formed between the dying cells with accumulation of the protein called β-amyloid. Tangles are formed within the neurons cells due to the disintegration of protein. So due to death of the brain cells the patient brain shrink and they contain fewer brain cells and connection as compared to the normal human being. There are several risk factors involved such as, aging, unhealthy lifestyle, family history, Down syndrome, women are more likely to develop Alzheimer than men as they live longer, obesity and heart diseases.

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer Disease

The early symptoms of the Alzheimer are that patient starts to forget and get confused in recalling things and events. With the passage of time these symptoms start getting worse and the person lose the memory even everyday chores, repeat statements, ask question again and again, difficulty in remembering the names of family member and objects, misplace things, lost in familiar places, and have difficulty in expressing their thoughts and identification of objects. Alzheimer also effect the personality of the patients such as they develop depression, don’t trust people easily, mood swings, delusion and change in sleep habits.