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Regular wellness checkups are very important to monitor the body’s overall health and detect development of new diseases by identifying their risk factors. In addition to these, they also prevent or delay the worsening of an underlying condition and its complications.

Common Conditions Checked as part of Wellness | Fitness | Prevention

A series of lab tests are ordered, when you have your wellness checkup. These lab tests check the overall health of your body.

  • Blood Sugar Level - High blood sugar level usually means that you are diabetic and will need medical prevention if it can no longer be controlled through diet and exercise.
  • Blood Pressure - Above normal blood pressure means you are hypertensive and will need medication to control the pressure.
  • Cholesterol – High cholesterol values mean you need to cut down on fatty food and get some exercise. If these levels can’t be controlled, you will need medication to bring the levels down.
  • Blood Test – This checks for infection and other abnormalities in the blood, especially if you have a fever.
  • Liver and Kidneys – The health of your liver and kidneys will also be checked, and any abnormality in their values will be addressed through medication.
  • Breasts and Cervix – These need to be checked for early prevention of breast and cervical problems like cancer.
  • Prostate – Men should have their prostate gland checked to detect prostate problems.

Treatment and Prevention of Wellness | Fitness | Prevention

Don’t wait for obvious signs and symptoms of an illness to have your wellness check. You should have this yearly. There may be some additional lab tests prescribed, especially if you have recurring fevers, cough and shortness of breath, general body malaise, chest pain and palpitations, blood pressure problems, etc.

Lab tests for annual checkups are usually covered by your insurance company, but for lab tests that are not, you can save some money by using our online marketplaces to compare the rates of the lab tests and select a good medical provider.