Best Selling Lab Tests for Autism

Autism is a disorder of the brain that causes developmental as well as neurological problems. It is usually detected during the early years as the child is developing. The effects of autism are life-long, and it affects the person’s ability to perceive his environment and interact with people.

Causes and Risk Factors of Autism

The most common cause for autism is genetic predisposition. This means that the disorder can be inherited genetically. Other causes include environmental factors like exposure to thalidomide and rubella infection of the mother. It can also be caused by birth complications, especially deprivation of oxygen during childbirth.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism

Below are some of the most common signs and symptoms of autism that you have to watch out for:

  • Social developmental problems like avoidance of eye contact, not responding to social stimulus, preference to be alone, lack of intuition (can’t understand how other people feel), delayed speech development, inability to express emotions, and difficulty to communicate with other people.
  • Neurological problems like seizures, motor coordination problems, repetitive behavior (flapping of hands and rocking of body), tendency to self-harm, difficulty to perceive body in relation to space, distractibility, obsessively following routines, and catatonia.

Treatment and Prevention of Autism

Medications such as anticonvulsants and antidepressants are usually given in conjunction with behavioral management and cognitive behavior therapy. Social skills and speech training are also given. Listed above are some of the relevant tests and the cheapest price to get the lab tests online.

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