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Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Complete Thyroid Testing

Just because you don’t have any thyroid problem doesn’t mean you don’t need to get a complete thyroid panel. This test is just as important as the blood tests that you get regularly. Getting one could help explain why you always feel cold when the people around you don’t. It could also help explain why you’re always constipated, feeling weak, or gaining weight. A complete thyroid panel could explain why your skin is dry or your nails are brittle.

Below are 4 top reasons why getting a complete thyroid test is important.


To Check If the Thyroid Gland is Functioning Properly

A complete thyroid panel isn’t usually included in normal routine checkups and blood tests. Instead, this test is often ordered when the routine blood test failed to detect the cause of the patient’s symptoms.

Thyroid panels check and see if your thyroid gland is functioning properly, and the thyroid blood test results will show whether your TSH, T3, and T4 are within normal limits. TSH normal range is 0.4 mIU/L to 4.0 mIU/L, while T3 and T4 normal ranges are 100 ng/dL to 200 ng/dL and 4.6 ug/dL to 12 ug/dL respectively. Any abnormality in the levels could mean a thyroid disease.

Once the test confirmed that there is, indeed, a thyroid problem, then this test becomes a part of the patient’s routine health check.


To Decrease the Risk of Developing Thyroid Diseases

Individuals who have no thyroid problems are also encouraged to get a complete thyroid panel at least once a year. This is important especially if they have chronic medical illnesses like type 1 diabetes and celiac disease as well as genetic conditions like Down’s Syndrome and Turner Syndrome. These diseases can increase their risk of developing thyroid diseases later on in life.


To Manage the Thyroid Problem or Disease

Medications are prescribed to patients with thyroid problems to keep the thyroid levels within normal limits and prevent disease progression. To closely monitor the patient’s health, routine complete thyroid panels are ordered. The test will monitor the patient’s thyroid health and his response to his medications. It will also monitor any improvement or progression in the thyroid disease as well as any changes in his thyroid levels.


To Screen Newborn

Newborns are also given complete thyroid testing to check for health problems like congenital hypothyroidism. If the lab results of TSH, T3, and T4 are abnormal, additional tests may be given. If these tests also came back positive, then early treatment may be started to prevent serious complications like mental retardation. Starting treatment as soon as possible could mean life, serious life-long complications, or even death for the newborn.


Getting the Test

For newborn babies, the test is usually given 24 hours after the child’s birth to decrease the chances of getting a false-positive reading of increased TSH level. If the test is positive, early treatment may be started to reduce complications. Routine thyroid panels are necessary to monitor the thyroid levels.

For adults, their doctors usually order the test. Blood will be drawn and sent to the laboratory clinic for testing, after which they’ll have to set up another appointment with their doctor for the results.


Nowadays though, complete thyroid panels can be ordered online even without doctor’s prescription. You only have to visit a medical e-commerce site, order your complete thyroid panel, and go to the laboratory clinic of your choice on your chosen date. The best thing about ordering the test online is that you can choose the thyroid panel test cost that best fits your budget. Medical e-commerce sites compare the different full thyroid panel cost offered by different laboratory clinics. Should the test show abnormal results though, you need to visit your doctor immediately.