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STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are a bane of the modern world. These diseases prevail across all the nations of the world, but their incidence appears to be more prevalent in the United States of America.

According to the latest reports released by CDC, USA (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), a whopping 19 million are affected each year by some form of sexually transmitted disease.

Frightening Facts about STDs

STDs are also known as Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) for the reason that it is possible for these diseases to be transmitted from an infected person to another through sexual contact. But it is not just the vaginal / anal sex that helps in propagation of these infections, but oral sex and even seemingly harmless activities like kissing can pass on the infection between sexual partners. Many a time it does not even require direct body contact to get infected, using intimate stuff like sex toys or vibrators that have been used by an infected person or sharing their syringes and needles are all devastatingly dangerous sources of infection.

Considering how widespread these maladies are, they should be a matter of huge concern for anyone who is sexually active and especially for those who engage in high risk sexual activities.

Biggest Issue with STDs

STDs are definitely a huge concern for people who get infected with them. But there are few other factors that are closely related to these sexually transmitted conditions that could pose more serious problems for those who are involved.

The first factor is that in most cases, these diseases may silently develop within the body without displaying any telltale symptoms. This is dangerous because, the infection worsens over time and leads to severe complications in the absence of medical treatment or aid and by the time the infected person realizes he / she is affected, it may be too late. Quite a few of the resulting complications like infertility could be irreversible.

The second factor which makes the disease more dangerous is that the infected person could unwarily pass on the infection that is smoldering within his/her body to their sexual partner/s, thereby widening the extent of the disease.

The third factor which causes the disease to spread rapidly is the social stigma which our society tends to associate with STDs. There are a huge number of people who avoid getting medical help for sexually acquired health problems out of embarrassment and shame.

Stay Alert to Stay Safe

It is obvious that the earlier you receive medical attention and treatment the better the prognosis of the disease and increases the chances of complete recovery. Despite being a silent attacker, these infections do display a couple of vague symptoms that can provide a clue to the internal malady.

The most common symptoms are pain or clear discomfort when indulging in sexual act, burning sensation while passing urine, bad smell and odd discharge from the genitals, any type of skin rash and itching in and around the genital area, fever and fatigue. Fever and fatigue could be due to any reason like for example an attack of flu or a viral infection, but if you are experiencing them after a very recent sexual encounter, then it is definitely a cause for alarm.

If you are sexually active and experience any of the above listed symptoms, you should get yourself tested for STIs without delay.

Getting Lab Tests without Doctor Order

Even if you are hesitant about consulting your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of STD, you need not worry much because it is now possible to order lab tests online without doctor order. But it is best to limit your self-initiatives to lab investigations and testing. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, do not ever make the mistake of trying to self- medicate or use any kind of medications without consulting a licensed medical professional.

When you are opting for private blood tests, cost is a huge concern. Since your costs are not covered by insurance, the price is going to directly affect your pocket. It always helps to have an online resource that allows you to compare offers from various providers and lets you choose low cost blood tests that fits your budget. Meta search engines like LabEspy does just that, they help consumers find the best lab test prices without insurance for various health conditions, including STDs.

For example, let us consider Chlamydia infection, which is the most commonly occurring bacterial STI in the USA, LabEspy.com lists prices from 9 different lab test providers that offer urine test for Chlamydia with prices ranging from $65 to $132 (as of 08/22/2016).

So how to Order Lab Tests Online for STD - Well, it is simple, easy and hassle free. Just visit the online lab website and check out the tests that are on offer, pick the test you would like to order, the lab order would be sent to you via eMail, visit the CLIA certified laboratory that is most convenient to you, the results will be made available online.