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Chlamydia and Pregnancy – Alarming cases of Conjunctivitis among Newborn babies.

Neonatal Conjunctivitis has become an alarming issue with its incidence increasing every year for the past few years. The incidence varies depending on the location and socioeconomic status. Like for instance the rate was reported at 17% in some Asian countries, while in other countries in Europe and USA, the count has greatly decreased due to early detection and treatment.

Chlamydia is the most common infectious cause of conjunctivitis among newborns. Babies who are born to infected moms are definitely at high risk because the obligate intracellular parasite lodge in the maternal cervix or urethra. Other STI agents that may rarely cause neonatal conjunctivitis would include Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Herpes simplex virus (HSV).

Chlamydia is often referred to as a silent disease because it does not present with many symptoms but when the symptoms start to show, the infection may already have been widespread. Common complaints will include discharges, genital sores, rashes, and a burning sensation during urination. Pregnant women, if left untreated, are also at higher risk of premature birth or worst, miscarriage.

Neonatal conjunctivitis responds very well to treatment and the prognosis generally is good if detected early and treated before child birth. So, how do you go about confirming its case?

The best way to confirm is through laboratory testing. When in doubt, as a woman and expectant mother, you have to get tested to ensure your safety and avoid the risk of passing the infection on to your little one. Quick Tip: Screening test using a urine sample is generally preferred over a swab test as is not painful and patients have more privacy when collecting their own specimen. 

With direct access testing becoming increasingly popular you can now order your lab tests online anonymously from the convenience of your home without requiring a doctor visit. There are several providers offering Chlamydia Tests  online at reasonable prices. This is a very good option for STD testing as people are generally not comfortable discussing their situation until the instance is confirmed. So, what are your options if the instance is confirmed?

Child Treated for Chlamydia infection.

After doing the necessary lab tests, if you are confirmed to be pregnant with Chlamydia infection, you must start discussing with your doctor the most effective and safest treatment possible. Generally speaking, Azithromycin is the most suitable antibiotic of choice for pregnant women.

Caution: Carl Crede’s prophylaxis, which makes use of Silver nitrate solution, was once very popular in preventing neonatal conjunctivitis in advanced stages. However it is proven to be toxic in higher concentrations by many researchers.

The use of Erythromycin ointment and Povidone Iodide is now more valuable.