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Keep track of your blood health – know your blood cell counts

You are healthy, feel well and have no symptoms. However, on routine health examination, one of the parameters of your blood cell counts test, for instance, Hemoglobin is just on margin. You are recommended to take supplements by your physician. Likewise, blood cell counts are essential in case you have any symptoms. Let us review how Complete Blood Count (CBC) with differential test keeps track of your health, both in health and disease.

BRCA1/2 comprehensive analysis: Role in breast and ovarian cancer


It is essential for you to know about BRCA1/2 genes to understand their function in cancer. BRCA1 and BRCA2 or breast cancer genes are human genes which form tumor suppressor proteins. The role of these proteins is to assist repair your damaged DNA and assure the stability of the cell’s genetic material. Your DNA damage may not be repaired correctly if either of these genes gets mutated or changed, as a result, defective protein products are formed which lead to additional genetic modifications that can cause cancer.

Does CA 125 give a conclusive diagnosis of Ovarian cancer?

CA 125 is widely used in cases of ovarian cancer and is highly beneficial in assessment of women with ovarian cancer. The name CA 125 has an interesting story behind it. It was developed when the investigators were searching for something on surfaces of ovarian cells which could trigger the recognition of tumor cells by immune cells in the body.  It was only on 125th attempt that antibody tested against the ovarian cancer cells was found and that surface signal on tumor cells came to be known as CA 125.

Newest Diagnostic and Medical Breakthroughs in Treating Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is an unwelcomed news to a patient particularly with their families. Having someone in the family with breast cancer is a stressful and frightening experience. If you are in this situation, you know how painful it is to go through this process. The emotional pain is unimaginable considering the unpredictable behavior of aggressive cancer cells. More so, seeing your love one battle with cancer is something that you wish you have never seen in your life.