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Can Brain Imaging Detect Autism in Children?


Although autism has no cure, early detection is very important since it has a positive impact on the child’s life. Unfortunately, the ways to detect autism in early childhood is very limited. Knowing the risk factors can help, especially if there are other family members who were diagnosed with autism. But aside from knowing the risk factors, parents usually only bring their child to a doctor when he begins to show autism symptoms such as poor social and communication skills.

Understanding the importance of Renal Function panel for kidney health and balance of body


Kidneys play a major role in regulating the fluid balance by removing waste products and maintaining the levels of various substances in the body. It is beneficial for you to know about the renal function panel which consists of different laboratory tests used either as a screening tool to evaluate the functioning of kidney or to diagnose different diseases and monitor the kidney function of patients receiving treatment. This panel usually consists of nine different tests which may include tests for: glucose, albumin, phosphorus, calcium, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen and different electrolytes namely sodium, chloride and carbon dioxide.