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The relation between porphyrins and heavy metal exposure – how to detect your toxicity level?

The level of chemicals, metals and drugs in your body determine the status of your health. It is essential for you to know the levels of heavy metals in case you are at a risk of exposure to them.

What are porphyrins?

Porphyrins are natural chemicals in your body which assist in forming several essential substances in the body. They are essential components of proteins such as hemoglobin and myoglobin, the proteins in red blood cells and muscles respectively which carry oxygen in the blood and muscles.

Diet Tips for Patients with Sjögren's Syndrome

Sjögren's syndrome is a type of autoimmune disease that causes the mouth as well as the eyes to dry up. In the eyes, it can cause inflammation of the tear glands or the lacrimal glands, resulting in eye irritation. Tear production is also reduced, causing the “gritty” sensation common in Sjögren's syndrome. If the eye irritation isn’t addressed, it can lead to eye infections, abrasions of the cornea, as well as inflammation of the eyelids.

In the mouth, Sjögren's syndrome can cause inflammation of the salivary glands, resulting in decreased salivary production and dry mouth. This will not only make swallowing difficult but it can also lead to mouth problems like cavities as well as mouth sores. It’s also not unusual for people with Sjögren's syndrome to develop dry cough or hoarseness of the voice. Some patients even complain of the loss of sense of taste.

Keep track of your blood health – know your blood cell counts

You are healthy, feel well and have no symptoms. However, on routine health examination, one of the parameters of your blood cell counts test, for instance, Hemoglobin is just on margin. You are recommended to take supplements by your physician. Likewise, blood cell counts are essential in case you have any symptoms. Let us review how Complete Blood Count (CBC) with differential test keeps track of your health, both in health and disease.

Vitamin D Deficiency – Its Causes, Symptoms, and Home Remedies

Vitamin D deficiency is simply a deficiency in this essential vitamin, resulting in a variety of symptoms that could lead to complications if left untreated. This vitamin is important because it helps regulate the amount of calcium circulating in the blood as well as helps manage the calcium level in the bones.

Vitamin D is produced by the body when our skin gets exposed to sunlight. We can also get it from the food we eat such as dairy products as well as fatty fish. Doctors recommend at least 400 IU to 800 IU of Vitamin D daily.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Complete Thyroid Testing

Just because you don’t have any thyroid problem doesn’t mean you don’t need to get a complete thyroid panel. This test is just as important as the blood tests that you get regularly. Getting one could help explain why you always feel cold when the people around you don’t. It could also help explain why you’re always constipated, feeling weak, or gaining weight. A complete thyroid panel could explain why your skin is dry or your nails are brittle.